Welcome to Studilily!

Over years, I own many blogs  and I lost track of many of them. The two that are still on are my 8 years mix-max blog of Hell-olily and my all natural lifestyles inspired blog Naturalily. When I decided to own a new one, I hesitated because I wasn’t sure will I actually be able to livin it up (or will it be another junk in the cyber world?).

But of course, I made it anyway (since it is still free). I named it Studilily, just because I like all of my blogs to be rhyme with each other (ha ha). Just as you guess from its title, this blog will talk mostly about my self-learning-experience and all things related to that. I am currently (self) learning Korean language. I enrolled to an online course but I actually use only their materials and learn by myself in my own pace.

The header of this blog says ‘study in a cafe’, because I mostly jumping around coffee shops and spend hours studying there. So yeah, you will also find cafe reviews; in the perspective of a people who try to find conducive place to work. Anyway, if you are reading this, I would like to say thank you and enjoy.


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My Kopi O!; It’s an Eating-Place, Not-really-a Working-Place

To be honest, I’ve got tricked but its name. When I read about the name online, I thought it was the place for coffee a.k.a coffee shop, but when I actually got there, it was more a restaurant than a cafe (it has that-cafe-feeling to it, but it was still a resto in my opinion). I went there anyway, and inside was full of family who were having a family dinner. There were also many of the youngsters who were only ‘nongkrong; with a cup of coffee (or two), but most of them sat outside. I never really like outside seating area because most of the time many of people smoking there and I am very sensitive towards smoke (I’ve got asthma), so I chose to sat with the family inside the resto.

Indoor Seating 1
Indoor Seating 2
Outdoor Seating

My Kopi O! located in the Hay Hotel area. I didn’t know much about the hotel but it looked pretty fancy like typical-contemporary-hotel. The interior is complementing the hotel and it has that dim ambience in the night time (I guess it is pretty lit in the afternoon tho since it has windows as their outer wall).

mykopio1They have mostly big tables in the restaurant because most of the guests are usually family so I can laid my study equipments freely (I like spacey table since I have to lay my laptop and my notebook for studying). I had sofa as for the seating, and it was quite comfy. The lighting was okay, even though it was dim, but the light wasn’t that low so I can still write there. For the electric socket, since My Kopi-O is not a typical workspace, it doesn’t have that many sockets; lucky me I sat on an area in which there was a socket nearby so I can charged my laptop. They do have internet, but the workability was quite low, the speed was 2.94mbps for downloading and 1.35 mbps for uploading  (I wrote the Aditi post there and it took forever for me to uploading the pictures).

The real stars from My Kopi O! were their beverages and food that I ordered. I tried their teh tarik, green-tea tarik, and fish fingers and all of them were good! I mostly fell in love with their green-tea tarik; it was so milky and not too sweet! Probably one of the best teh tarik that I’ve ever tried so far. As you can guess, they have mostly malay-peranakan dishes and beverages; I love malay and singaporean food so I am tempted to go there again next time only for eating!

Teh Tarik 
Green Tea Tarik
Fish Fingers


Their opening hours is just fine, they open everyday from 6AM (I guess Hay Hotel’s guest suppose to have their breakfast there) and closed at 11PM (on Sunday-Thursday) or 12AM (on Friday and Saturday). I was there from 7.30PM until their closing hour, and despite of their super slow internet, I still managed to got something done there. Overall, I recommend this place for you who want to have good food instead of productive hours of studying or working.

My Kopi O!
Jalan Trunojoyo No.19, Citarum, Bandung
Instagram: @mykopio
Opening Hours: 06:00 – 23:00 (Sunday-Thursday), 06.00 – 24.00 (Friday & Saturday)
Teh Tarik: IDR 20K
Green Tea Tarik: IDR 22K
Fish Fingers: IDR 35K
*all price exclude 15% tax

Aditi Coffee House & Space; Chic Cafe in South Bandung Area

aditi13To be honest, my visit to Aditi Coffee House & Space last week was a ‘mistake’. My husband made a wrong turn when he was driving so we ended up going to South Bandung area instead of going north. The traffic was pretty bad at that time so we decided to just head south and found this-not-so-hidden-gem-coffee-shop nearby Buah Batu.

At the first glance, I know that I will like the interior; it looks so good just like images from my pinterest timeline. When we first entered the door, we were welcomed by cool looking barista with cool denim apron who smiled at us and encouraged us to go straight to the cashier and order. Anyway, if you like minty-pastel color, you surely will love the barista station since they have mint wall behind it, super cute!


They have wider outdoor area than the indoor one. Both areas were pretty well decorated and comfy. I saw a group of people were doing photoshoot (maybe) for their products; I can’t blame them, the interior is just too chic! They have good natural lighting too in all area so you can take beautiful pictures either indoor or outdoor.

I didn’t try their coffee but I tried their food. I ordered Nasi Ayam Sambal Matah and Spaghetti Sambal Matah for lunch. Both are decent meals but the plecing in my Nasi Ayam Sambal Matah plate was the star of the show! If you usually use kangkung (water spinach) for plecing, they used Kol Goreng (fried cabbage) instead! And as you know: Kol Goreng is awe-some; probably one of the best invention Indonesian ever invented (I am dead serious). Their i-don’t-know-what-it-is-called cheese something cake was quite awesome too, it was a small bite but quite filling, worth a try!


Let’s talk about its workability; I saw many people were opening their laptop and worked there, but the number of electric sockets weren’t adequate in my opinion. You may be seated in an area in which there is no electric socket nearby so you can’t plug your charger in. Lucky us, our laptops were full charged when we were there, and when our batteries almost die, people who sat nearby the socket was done and we can took that seat. The wifi there wasn’t that fast yet quite workable; the download speed was at 5mbps rate and their upload rate was 8.6mbps. The cafe was packed that day, so I guess their wi fi is actually quite fast when it is not too full (I will try to go there on weekday later to test it out).

Overall I am quite impressed with Aditi Coffee House & Space, I would like to go there again when it is not too crowded so I can sit on the comfiest seat for working. If you are looking for instagrammable cafe in Bandung, you may want to give them a visit, their good natural lighting and neat interior are just perfect for taking pictures.


Aditi Coffee House & Space
Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan no.5, Buahbatu, Bandung
Instagram: @aditicoffeehouse
Opening Hours: 08:00 – 22:00
Nasi Ayam Sambal Matah: IDR 35K
Spaghetti Sambal Matah: IDR 30K
Kue Cream Cheese: IDR 14K
*all price exclude 15% tax

The Good Neigbour; My Literal Good Neighbor who Opens until 1 AM

Out of many coffee shops that I visit often, I can say that I come to “The Good Neighbour” most often. I come there at least once per week if I am just too inert to study at home and too tired to drive somewhere. Yes, this cafe is my literal neighbor, it is located in the front of my apartment building, so I just need to walk 5 minutes to get there (that is included time I spend in the elevator).


The interior is just fine for my taste, they try to make it ‘kekinian’ even though I have to say it is not there yet (design graduate here haha), but it is surely comfy enough to get me going there again, again, and again. The cafe has 2 stories; the first floor got that ‘bar area’ in the front of the barista station and several small tables for chit-chatting over coffee, and the second floor has bigger tables and more decent chairs for working. They have outdoor area too both in the first and second story for you who want to smoke.

Since I come there pretty often, I’ve tried many of their menus already. For me their coffees are just so so (I’ve tried their cappuccino and cafe latte), the milk tea is fine (even though the boba are too hard to be chewed), and their tea is just regular dilmah teabag. The actual star for me is actually their rice bowl, to be honest I didn’t expect decent rice bowl when I first ordered it, but when it actually came, I can say the seasoning for the meat is well seeped, not the best rice bowl in the town but for IDR 20-23K it is actually quite tasty. They have several toppings for the rice bowl, I’ve tried the teriyaki and black pepper chicken and both are good. My only disappointment with the rice bowl is only because they took of the ‘carrot pickles’ out of the dish. It used to come with hoka-hoka bento style carrot pickles on top but last week I ordered and it came without the carrot, I was so sad (or maybe they ran out of the pickles last time? I’m not sure, I’ll check it up again sometimes).

Now let’s talk about their wifi. For me who mostly use internet for studying, their speed is okay; around 6-7mbps for download rate and 2mbps for uploading. It is totally workable unless you are uploading a huge sized video. I often watch drama or youtube too there and that speed is still fine. They have several electric sockets and cable extensions too if you need any.

When the cafe first open several months ago, I didn’t think they will do good. I mean it’s East Bandung area, not a pretty hip place in town apparently. But since I come there pretty often, I see that they are doing quite good actually! The cafe is often packed with scholars who work until late with their laptop or the apartment residents whose looking for a lounge or meeting place. And I have to applaud their opening hours! They open at 11Am and close at 1AM daily, so I mostly go there after I finished dinner (around 7 or 8 PM) and stay there until their closing hours.

So, despite of their shortcomings, this cafe is still in my working place list and I actually kinda like it. If you live in East Bandung Area, you might want to give The Good Neighbour a visit 😉

The Good Neighbour
Komplek Apartemen Gateway
Jalan Ahmad Yani No.669, Bandung

Instagram: @thegoodneighbour.id
Opening Hours: 11:00 – 01:00
Cappuccino: IDR 25K
Cafe Latte: IDR 25K
Bubble Milk Tea: IDR 23K
Dilmah Tea: IDR 25K
Chicken Blackpepper Ricebowl: IDR 20K
Chicken Teriyaki Ricebowl: IDR 20K

Two Hands Full; Seriously Superb Coffee (But Un-Superb Place For Study)

Since the beginning of my coffee-shop-hopping-hobby (which is last month), I always do the googling thing to find new coffee shop each week. Each time I put ‘coffee shop bandung’ keywords, Two Hands Full name was always there on the top list. For sometimes I was hesitated to go there since it is located in Sukajadi area which is almost-always-packed with cars, tourist, and traffic. But yesterday, I accidentally ended up went to PVJ mall for grocery shopping and after that I decided to give Two Hands Full a try.

I almost missed the place because their sign is just so small and unclear. I also only saw The Korean Mart and Ray White building and had to ask the ‘juru parkir’ where’s the cafe is before I finally went inside.


When I first came in, I saw one small closed room with coffee roaster in it. I know there aren’t many cafe who actually roast their own beans, so when I saw that I immediately knew they are pretty serious about their coffee.

Talking about the interior, the cafe has a more industrial feeling to it; brick wall, high benches and concrete floor. They have a mountain bike mounted to the wall behind the coffee bar area which I have no idea why. The indoor area has dim-yellowish-light ambience, suitable for chitchatting over warm coffee (not really for working or studying). They also have outdoor area with natural lighting, so it was empty right after magrib time.


I ordered a regular cappuccino and husband tried their manual brew mogola (not sure about the name tho). My cappuccino tasted fine; I can’t really say it’s the best but maybe it was (as I said I am a coffee noob). The star was the manual brew one, it tasted super weird but good, I can tasted a hint of fruit-like-flavor and it was light but strong (?) Definitely superb in such a way, I never tried coffee that has unique taste before that mogola thingy.

They provide free infused water on the coffee bar. I always so thankful for a coffee shop that provide free water for visitors.


If you want to work, they do have electric sockets but not that many. If you are lucky, you may find a seat nearby one. They do have wifi; when I checked their internet speed, the result was pretty good: 11mbps for downloading and 1.5mbps for uploading. But in reality, I felt that the speed was pretty slow despite of the test result. I was pretty disappointed with the speed and husband decided to took out his portable modem so we can work decently. Maybe it was slow because the cafe was pretty packed with visitors, or maybe it just always slow…

I still can study just fine despite of many cons but one thing that turned me down the most is their closing hour. They close at 8PM everyday, and that was unimpressive! If I knew about it before, I might won’t come there at all because I like to work until pretty late (and I came in the evening usually).

They do have foods and their foods are pretty famous (many food-blogger reviewed their foods), but I never really eat at a coffee shop so I can’t really comment. Overall, I was impressed with the coffee but that’s all. I might never study there ever again but I might come back for their beverages.


Two Hands Full
Jalan Sukajadi No.198A, Bandung
Instagram: @thfcoffee
Opening Hours: 07:00 – 20:00
Cappuccino: IDR 33K
Filter Mogola: IDR 51K

Ruckerpark Coffee & Culture; Spacey Cafe with Good Coffee and Fast Internet!

ruckerpark9For someone who’s goal is finding a good working spot, I can say Ruckerpark has it all. I was very impressed with the cafe and was questioning myself why I didn’t come there earlier (I work nearby that area everyday, that’s why I was questioning myself).

I saw big tables and long benches right after I came inside the cafe. They have good natural lighting from the shed above the table in the middle of the room, just perfect for studying (because most coffee shops have that dim light ambience, I was very happy about it). When I looked closely to the table, they have a row full of electric sockets in the middle of the table; a literal explanation for working heaven on earth.

Looking around, you can spot the display for several ‘hip’ brands such as Supreme, Nike, Wacko Maria, etc. I saw the items have price on it so I assume those are actually for sale. When I was there for 7 hours (yes I was there for so long), I saw that the display area was one of the most popular spot in the cafe for taking ootd pictures.

Ah, they do have the spacey outdoor area as well, so if you are smoker or vape-er (?) you may order your coffee and sit outside.

Let’s talk about the internet. When I said they have fast internet, I do really meant it. When I come to a coffee shop, I always check their wifi speed, and Ruckerpark was one of the fastest one in Bandung. When I checked, the download speed was at 20mbps rate while their upload speed was 17mbps; and I came on weekend so…not bad right? I had no problem studying (and downloading movie kkk) there.

ruckerpark2I ordered their “Magic” (IDR 33K) randomly (I am a coffee noob who always pick coffee randomly at all time). The barista said that their magic uses 2 espresso shots (if I’m not mistaken), I chose it simply because I’ve had a bad headache at that time and thought I needed something ‘strong’ to cure my headache. When I tasted the coffee, I can say that I really love the taste. The mixture of the coffee bitterness and the foam were just perfect, one of the best I’ve tried so far. I was ecstatic up until my stomach started to act; suddenly I’ve got this acid reflux reaction. As I said, I am a noob haha, but even though I didn’t manage to finished my coffee, I will totally recommend their magic if you have no ulcer problem like I do.

I didn’t try any of their food because I usually eat before I go to a cafe. But many review says they have delish yet expensive foods there.

The place was very conducive for working because it wasn’t noisy and people there mostly were working with their laptop of taking pictures. I was there from 4PM – 11PM, the natural lighting changed into neon light ambience after the sun set. I prefer and study there when it is still bright but the evening ambience wasn’t so bad actually; I was still able to read and write just fine. Anyway it got pretty chilly after 7 even though the doors were closed I don’t know why, I guess it was the wind tunnel?ruckerpark1

Their opening hours is fantastic too, I love working late so I am so happy that they closed at midnight (on weekend). Overall, I enjoyed my study time there and can’t wait to pay their cafe another visit very soon!


Ruckerpark Coffee
Jalan Dr. Cipto No.24, Bandung
(0813) 2325 7099
Instagram: @ruckerparkcoffee
Opening Hours: 09:00 – 23:00 (Fri & Sat until midnight, Fri open at 13:00)